Monthly Archives: March 2021

A Worthy Addition to the Galaxy S20 Series Lineup

Back in late last year, there had been rumors swirling around in the July-August time frame that Samsung will be announcing a new addition to their S20 series lineup. In hopes of capturing every segment of the smartphone market, can this addition shine brightly enough to stand side by side its well-established siblings in the […]

Galaxy x BTS Edition Showcase

Exclusive BTS edition, gorgeous purple looks The Galaxy S20+ is no stranger for fans of Samsung’s smartphone landscape. Sitting in between the base model S20 and the super high-end S20 Ultra, the S20+ is a comfortable blend of the necessary flagships essences of the S20 and the cutting edge tech introduced in the S20 Ultra. […]

Extend the battery life on your phone

The most commonly asked question using a smartphone few years back was “Why is my smartphone’s battery life so bad?” or “How do I increase the battery life on my smartphone?” I bet most people including you had spent some time fiddling with settings and looked at the battery graph to figure out why back […]

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