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A Worthy Addition to the Galaxy S20 Series Lineup

Back in late last year, there had been rumors swirling around in the July-August time frame that Samsung will be announcing a new addition to their S20 series lineup. In hopes of capturing every segment of the smartphone market, can this addition shine brightly enough to stand side by side its well-established siblings in the […]

Galaxy x BTS Edition Showcase

Exclusive BTS edition, gorgeous purple looks The Galaxy S20+ is no stranger for fans of Samsung’s smartphone landscape. Sitting in between the base model S20 and the super high-end S20 Ultra, the S20+ is a comfortable blend of the necessary flagships essences of the S20 and the cutting edge tech introduced in the S20 Ultra. […]

Extend the battery life on your phone

The most commonly asked question using a smartphone few years back was “Why is my smartphone’s battery life so bad?” or “How do I increase the battery life on my smartphone?” I bet most people including you had spent some time fiddling with settings and looked at the battery graph to figure out why back […]

DO’s and DONT’s when charging

DON’T’s when charging A random or partial charge is fine. Li-ion doesn’t need to be fully full charged Keep the battery cool, especially when charging Use manufacturer supplied chargers. Store at around 50% for long term storage Avoid battery intensive tasks like gaming when charging Avoid idle charging Point on (2) – move it away […]

Samsung OS? No, its called the Android operating system

The Android operating system mascot (2019-present) Android, as we have seen on many smartphones (Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi to name a few) is a mobile operating system based on a simpler operating system kernel called Linux. It is then coupled with a range of other open source software to expand its functionalities and make it more […]

Galaxy Fit2, the right fitness tracker for you?

In this article I am going to revisit the Fit2 that was released half a year ago back in March. It was meant as a successor to the Galaxy Fit and Fitⓔ. Now at half the price (RM179) of what the Galaxy Fit originally debuted at last year (RM369), let’s take a look at it […]

Galaxy A42 5G, cheapest 5G phone in Malaysia

Samsung quietly introduced the newest addition to the A-series lineup – the Galaxy A42 5G and we finally got our hands on one just a week ago. So how does it feel to be using this smartphone, and does it hole up in day-to-day use? Lineup pictured, followed by Prism Grey and Prism Black Coming […]

Galaxy Buds Live a.k.a. Galaxy Bean

Galaxy Buds Live In the sea of earphones already present in the market, many already stand themselves apart from the crowd with distinguishing traits like great audio quality or top-tier noise cancellation. So how is Samsung exactly differentiating the Buds Live from its competitors? A redesign/building on the previous galaxy buds released on March 2019 […]

Mighty sound from the Galaxy Buds Plus

Looking almost the same as last year’s Galaxy Buds, but receiving a slew of upgrades over the original Buds under the hood – enter the Galaxy Buds Plus. Released into the market back in March, alongside the S20 lineup as an added bonus for S20 pre-orders. Its high time we take a look at the […]

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