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Airwheel Luggage Scooter Malaysia

Ever wondered about the rideable electric travel luggage scooter used by BLACKPINK? Say hello to the Airwheel rideable electric luggage scooter, where state-of-the-art mobility meets unparalleled convenience.

Discover the future of travel with the electric ride-on luggage scooter by Airwheel like Airwheel SE3MiniT and Airwheel SE3S, where every journey transforms into a seamless adventure. Shop 100% Original Airwheel products online here in KTS today! Original warranty included.

blackpink riding Airwheel luggage scooter SE3S

Shop Airwheel Luggage Scooter in Malaysia Online

Airwheel was founded in 2004 by a group of technology adventurers who keep trying to change the world. Airwheel is a high-tech enterprise with the core of research and development of "smart" IOT sensor technology, artificial intelligence, and multi-dimensional intelligent transportation products.

Airwheel's smart luggage scooter has been designed with every convenience in mind. Looking to secure your valuables during your travels? The International TSA code lock gives you peace of mind while ensuring your luggage remains compliant with TSA regulations. The materials used in the construction of the rideable suitcase are both durable and aesthetically pleasing, making for a waterproof and wear-resistant exterior that can withstand the harshest travel conditions. And with an ample storage capacity, you have all the space you need to pack your essentials.

Mobility and performance are at the heart of Airwheel's innovative smart luggage scooter design. Airwheel's rideable electric smart luggage scooter comes equipped with a brushless and sensorless hub motor, allowing for a smooth and speedy ride through any environment. Its low-energy, high-performance design minimizes friction for an effortless glide. Airwheel luggage scooter also features a removable power bank, in compliance with air travel regulations and outfitted with a USB interface. So, not only can you effortlessly ride your way through airports and city streets, but you can also keep your devices charged and ready at all times

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