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Black Shark Technologies manufactures high-quality gaming hardware, software, and accessories. They also manufacture a line of flagship Android smartphones specialized for gaming and smartwatches.

What puts Black Smark gaming smartphones ahead of its competitors is the superior gaming performance and experience. The smartphones are powered by chipsets that are specifically designed for high-performance gaming, delivering clearer and smoother graphics. Aside from that, the cooling feature is also top-notch. Utilizing Black Shark liquid-cooling technology to ensure efficient cooling, the smartphones are able to run at 20x faster than other game smartphones on the market.

Black Shark smartphones also boast dual-stereo speakers for the best gaming experience, as well as for other usage like recording or simply listening to music. The built-in microphone is also able to pick up crystal-clear audio whenever you're gaming with your friends. The Black Shark smartphones also come with amazing battery life and support quick charging.

Apart from that, Black Shark smartwatches are also packed full of exciting features. Check out our collection of Black Shark smartwatches like Black Shark Watch GT Neo Smartwatch, Black Shark Watch GT Smartwatch, and Black Shark Watch S1 Smartwatch.

All products come with an original 1-year warranty by Black Shark Malaysia. Shop in our Black Shark online store today. Fast delivery service, secure bubble wrap, and 100% authentic products.

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