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CatEye Online Store Malaysia

Welcome to our dedicated CatEye section at KTS, where we bring you the best in cycling safety and technology from one of the industry’s most trusted brands. CatEye is renowned for its high-quality, innovative products that cater to the needs of every cyclist, from daily commuters to weekend warriors and professional racers.

We at KTS are proud to offer a comprehensive range of CatEye products. Discover why CatEye remains a leading choice for cyclists around the world and enhance your cycling experience with the reliability, safety, and innovation of CatEye. Shop our genuine CatEye products at KTS online today!

Illuminate Your Path with CatEye Bike Lights

At KTS, we understand that visibility is crucial for every cyclist. That's why we proudly feature CatEye's range of bike lights, renowned for their reliability and innovative design. Whether you're navigating city streets at night or taking a dusk trail ride, our selection of CatEye front and rear lights ensures you're visible to others and can clearly see your path ahead.

Choose from our variety of high-powered LED lights, which include features like multiple lighting modes, rechargeable batteries, and easy mounting systems, catering to all your safety needs.

Durable Safety Lights That Cater To Your Needs

CatEye bike lights are more than just illuminators; they are a blend of cutting-edge technology and user convenience. With long-lasting battery life, robust weather resistance, and varied brightness levels, these lights are designed to suit any riding condition.

Their compact and sleek design not only enhances your bike's aesthetic but also ensures a lightweight, unobtrusive fit, making them ideal for all types of bikes and riders.

Your Go-to Cycling Lights for Every Ride

We at KTS believe in providing products that enhance your cycling experience while prioritizing your safety. CatEye bike lights are engineered to be your trusted companion on every ride. With features like powerful beam spread, consistent illumination, and durable construction, these lights are an essential for both urban and off-road cyclists.

Plus, their ease of installation and operation means you spend less time setting up and more time riding.

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