What is Yes 5G Plans Malaysia

What is Yes 5G?

Yes 5G is the first ever 5G service made available in Malaysia by the telco company, YTL Communications. With Yes 5G, there are several plans where you get to enjoy high-speed browsing, streaming, and more.

Yes 5G Latest Cellular Technology

Latest Cellular Technology

Yes 5G 1000 Times faster speed

Up to 1000 x Faster Speeds

Yes 5G Malaysia Quicker Response Time

Quicker Response Time

(Sending/Receiving Information)

Yes 5G Lower Internet Latency Lag

Lower Internet Latency Lag

Buy Malaysia’s Cheapest 5G Postpaid Plan

Buy Malaysia’s Cheapest 5G Postpaid Plan

Pick a Yes 5G Infinite+ Plan Available

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Pick a Yes Infinite+ Plan Available

Choose any 5G Phone Available

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Choose any 5G Phone Available.

Checkout your Yes 5G plan and Enjoy

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Checkout & Enjoy!

Yes 5G Infinite Plan and Smartphone Available

Yes 5G Infinite Plan and Smartphone Available

Under Yes Infinite, there are several Yes 5G plans made available starting from RM58 up to RM178 with hotspot data from 10GB to 100GB. Each Yes 5G plan comes with unlimited 5G & 4G data, on-net service of domestic voice calls or SMS and off-net service of domestic voice calls. As for off-net SMS, it costs from RM0.09.

As for our Yes Infinite+ plans, you’ll get to receive a smartphone based on the selected plan, such as Vivo Y55+, Samsung Galaxy A33, Realme Note 11 PRO, Samsung Galaxy A53, Oppo Reno7, Samsung Galaxy S22 and Vivo X80.

Yes 5G Infinite Plans
Yes 5G Infinite Plus Plans

Benefits of Yes 5G Plans

1. 5G vs 4G

In comparison with 4G, 5G has a low latency of under 5 milliseconds while 4G only offers between 60 milliseconds to 98 milliseconds. It’s been said 5G is up to 100 times faster than 4G. 4G networks are mainly good for phones, but 5G is designed to cater a wider network, making it more flexible.

2. Express Speed

The speed of 5G is quick and instant. 5G’s download speed is able to reach a whopping 10 gigabits per second! That means you’ll get to enjoy high-resolution 4K video calls that are of top-notch quality.

3. Time-saving Experience

Imagine how much time you’ll save with the blazing speed of 5G! For gaming, you can save up to 7 hours! Love listening to music? Save up to 3 hours! Always spending time browsing on social media? You can save up to 4 days! Enjoy streaming movies? Save around up to 7 minutes per download of an 8K movie!

Where is Yes 5G available?

At the moment, Yes 5G is only available in selected areas as listed below:

Kuala Lumpur

TTDI, Cheras, Bangsar, Sentul, Bukit Jalil, Kepong, Sri Petaling, Wangsa Maju


All areas

Is my device compatible with Yes 5G?

Not all devices are fully compatible with 5G. Do check whether your device is able to support 5G from the list of compatible devices.

Where to buy Yes 5G Plans

Where to Get Yes 5G Postpaid Plan with KTS Cellular

Buying a Yes 5G postpaid plan online is hassle-free! You can enjoy a Yes 5G plan within just three simple steps: select your preferred Infinite Plan, choose your 5G phone, and then you’re done!

Don’t fancy online purchases? Consider getting your Yes 5G plan from any of our available physical stores near you!